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What Is Your Stress Level?

Are you receiving the kind of service you expect from your exhibit company?

I think we can agree that maintaining a solid customer relationship is the key to good customer service.

Focusing on customer success is critical today. The world of marketing and trade shows allows us to have a deeper glimpse into the success (or failure) of great or poor customer service.

You, the customer have the power to change and improve your customer experience. The branding and face of your company is depending on it. You cannot improve something if you are living in denial that it is broken to begin with.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have to remind your exhibit company it’s time to meet about your upcoming show?

2. Does the exhibit look like the rendering and promised outcome?

3. Are you having to manage and supervise all your assets, even though you are paying for asset management?

4. Do you have to manage the install and dismantle teams, even though you paid for the services?

5. Do you find yourself stressed at the show because of missing items or lack of service?

Queen Exhibits was started with the premise to engage, create and deliver quality service to our customers. Now you say, what does this mean for me? We want to know the details of your company, branding, your target client, and what you want to achieve from your trade shows. Let’s face it, these shows are not cheap and you’re making a huge investment on your end; you want the same from your exhibit company. We will create the exhibit that showcases all of the above by listening and following through. Lastly, we will deliver what we promise.

If you store your assets, be assured they are handled with the upmost care and concern these are your products, not ours. If you hire the install and dismantle from Queen Exhibits, you will be able to walk into the booth complete and ready and walk out when the show is over.

Here is what we want Queen Exhibits customer’s to say:

· They always deliver on what they say they will do.

· I feel proud to be a customer of Queen Exhibits. They made me a priority.

· This is the perfect company for people like me that expect great customer service.

So, if customer service is broken with your current exhibit company;

Let’s Fix It!

For more information about trade show or event marketing, give us a call (937)773-6102 or email

Written by: Sheryl Queen

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